About Us

Company profile

GFD Management Inc. (“GFD”) is a commercial real estate firm offering institutional quality management throughout five states in the Southeast and Northeast. Our scope of competence includes management, leasing, and development of various sized shopping centers, as well as working with a range of investors, from individuals to institutions. Our management philosophy is to view each shopping center from an owner’s long-term perspective.

GFD has an affiliate development company, GFD Associates Inc., which performs all aspects of development—beginning with site location and acquisition and ending with the opening of the property and subsequent management through GFD. As of August 2018, GFD has developed and constructed 3,910,678 square feet of retail space. Major interim elements include: negotiation of anchor and shop leases; negotiation of out parcel sales and leases; placement of contractual services for project design; adherence to governmental procedures and requirements; obtaining permits; creating construction contracts needed to build out the project; and securing construction and/or permanent financing. All of these elements merge into one critical path that translates into a comprehensive project opening with tenants in place and remaining within budget. In short, because GFD is a vertically-integrated development firm, the company is able to provide a full range of leasing, management, development, and finance services.

GFD manages its asset portfolio using a team of individuals experienced in all aspects of retail real estate in order that the company may best determine the specific needs for each property. Our property managers are trained in shopping center budgeting and are responsible for delivering the budgeted cash flows. We pride ourselves in our thorough yet efficient approach to delivering successful results in every aspect of property management. As a result, the Property Management Division of GFD has established an outstanding reputation for detail-oriented center operations.

As of August 2018, GFD’s portfolio of properties in four states totaled 1,935,391 sq. ft. under management.

GFD provides prompt and responsive service to our tenants, investors, and customers in order to achieve higher levels of occupancy and ultimately greater returns on investment. The appearance of each property is also important to GFD. Our property managers place great emphasis on regularly and carefully inspecting each shopping center with the goal of maintaining a high level of cleanliness and attractiveness for the public.

Our computerized property management and accounting system is designed to provide a variety of reports specific to each property. Because owners, institutional investors, and lenders may each have differing financial reporting requirements, our reports may be customized to fit these needs. In addition, GFD has established strict control procedures with a system of checks and balances to ensure that money is properly handled and accounted for and that financial reports are accurate and transparent. Each management report is reviewed twice for accuracy prior to release, first by an accounting manager and then by the respective property manager.

GFD Management Inc. is the successor in interest to a management and development company originally established in February 1992.